Our Curriculum

  • • International (Pre-School) & National Plus (Primary) Curriculum
  • • Play-based and interactive
  • • Character Building (based on the lives of greats saints and sages as narrated in the Bhagavata Purana and other spiritual traditions)
  • • Trilingual (English, Indonesian and Balinese)
  • • Learning centres setting (Pre-School)
  • • Traditional arts & cultural development (art, music, dance & drama)
  • • Science Exploration and Experimentation
  • • Religious studies of major religions in Indonesia

We believe that:

  • a. Children learn through movement and all their senses
  • b. Children need to have time to explore ideas and interests in depth
  • c. Children learn through activities that are challenging but achievable, within their reach
  • d. Adults should model a range of positive behaviour
  • e. Children develop linguistic structures for thinking and learn new vocabulary by listening to adults speak; therefore adults should use correct grammar and rich language
  • f. Conversations with children are crucial in developing children’s knowledge 
  • g. Children develop better when they are involved in teaching each other
  • h. Children need to be encouraged and motivated and support in their development 
  • i. Parents are vital partners in the education process for children
  • j. Children must develop spiritual understanding and scientific knowledge hand in hand