PAUD Bhaktivedanta Dharma School (BDS) offers a dynamic curriculum that combines the best aspects of the western and eastern approaches in enriching children's early development. Students benefit by expressing their creativity and developing mental and intellectual discipline. PAUD BDS encourages and facilitates the process of independent learning in children, as well as providing a variety of special activities to help children expand the scope of their learning. This includes physical, cognitive, emotional, social and spiritual development, thus providing a solid foundation for self-confidence, learning behavior, and the ability to think with logic.

In term I PAUD BDS held a number of activities starting with the school introduction program or the Open House Program which was held on July 6, 2019, exactly a week before the learning process began. In August, to celebrate the month of independence there were a series of contests such as moving the flag, moving the ball, moving marbles with spoons and clamping balloons. All children participated actively and participated in the celebration of the Republic of Indonesia's Independence Day anniversary. Furthermore, in connection with the celebration of the birth of Sri Krishna or commonly called the Janmashtami Celebration, which is celebrated by millions of people around the world, PAUD BDS also holds a series of activities such as drama performances, offering flowers and fruit that all involve students. Janmashtami celebrations provide happy experiences and universal love for the child's spiritual development.

In connection with the routine program PAUD BDS also conducts periodic checks for children's health which is carried out every 6 months. This activity is in collaboration with the South Denpasar Community Health Center, which includes an oral, eye and ear health check. In addition, BDS PAUD also holds regular celebrations for the birthdays of students and school staff, which are celebrated with birthday parties and cake cutting at the end of each month. Then, in connection with the BDS PAUD PAUD accreditation process, on August 8, 2019 a BDS PAUD school accreditation visitation was carried out by the BAN PAUD PNF assessors team. The event was also accompanied by representatives of the Institute Bhaktivedanta Indonesia Foundation and the School Committee, also attended by TK Supervisors of South Denpasar District, and several school principals in South Denpasar District. By carrying out the accreditation process, it is expected to improve school services for children's education, so that the vision of the school to carry out early childhood education that is independent, virtuous and environmentally friendly can be achieved.